Today we will be in the Holešovice market all day ///////////// 16:00 - 19:00 LE CABARET NOMADE - Nidos: Authentic stories and object theatre - three actresses from three countries respond to the theme of home. 5 minute performance for one audience member, don't forget to book your seat at our info booth. //////////// 16:30 Storytelling CZ - Storytelling Jukebox vol. I: Let's engage our own imagination, thoughts, experiences and ideas. Let's wake up the stories! ///////////// 17:00 Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica - Where was there was /sk/: What if Little Red Riding Hood never meets a wolf, does not wander through the forest, but travels on the subway in New York? The sequel to the fairy tale is up to you.../////////// 18:00 Johnny & Jenny - J.O.E.: What it would be like if a child had a robotic companion who was so nearly perfect that he could terrifyingly fill the role of "normal parent"? /////////////// 19:00 Storytelling CZ - Storytelling Jukebox vol. II: Rediscovering the deeply rooted tradition of storytelling. The story is not unfolding in front of you, but inside you. ///////////// 8:00 PM Brothers in Trick - Brothers Special: Juggling Miniatures. A unique and unrepeatable performance whose course is decided by the audience. ////////////// 21:00 Brothers in Trick - Hits of the Brothers' Travels or Brothers' Musical Junket: Don't miss this unique opportunity to kick your ass to the rhythms of a polished playlist!