About the file

Kamila Mottlová graduated from HAMU in Prague, majoring in choreography. During her studies she completed an internship at the Jerusalem academy of performing arts, during which time she also performed at the Susanne Dellal theatre in Tel Aviv in the productions In your rooms and Uprising, choreographed by Hofesh Shechter. She is currently working as a dancer and choreographer, and has participated in a number of choreographies for theatre productions of the South Bohemian Theatre, Vila Štvanice Theatre, DISK Theatre, NoD Theatre and Plzeň's South Suburbs Theatre.

About the show

How long will it take for us to get to the point as well,
where solitude is the only way to not commit seppuku?

*seppuku = ritual suicide of Japanese samurai, known in Europe as harakiri**
**harakiri = a somewhat vulgar variant of the word seppuku, which a samurai would never use

Loveless is the third dance solo of choreographer and dancer Kamila Mottlová and her several
choreographic work with a single dancer on stage. Work in progress
solo project by Kamila Mottlová deals with the Japanese phenomenon of "hikikomori" (breaking away).

According to the Japanese psychologist, Tamaki Saito, a hikikomori is a person who voluntarily chooses
to shut himself off from society. He isolates himself at home, in his room, and refuses any physical contact with the outside world.
the outside world for up to several years. There are currently estimated to be at least one million in Japan,
but more likely many more such cases.


choreography / interpretation / concept / Kamila Mottlová

director / music / Janek Lesák

dramaturgy / Natálie Preslová

choreographic supervision / Václav Kuneš

voiceover / Karel Kratochvil

photos / Tereza Veselá


The production was financially supported by the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.