About the file

Performers Rozálie Havelková and Anežka Hessová have surprisingly much in common. They both play the accordion and have spent part of their lives in the circus. Anežka studied kathak in India and Roza studied flamenco in Spain. Anežka creates dance and theatre shows as well as performances for children and spent part of her childhood in travelling theatre. Róza sings swing professionally with a jazz big band, plays chansons on her old accordion, does occasional acting, and escaped to circus as an adult.

About the show

After a spectacular, hugely successful world tour of the Spanish countryside, the world-famous girl artistic duo Rozladené držky finally return to their homeland with a brand new grandiose circus show. A unique artistic experience full of breathtaking acrobatic tricks, pompous dance effects and brilliant musical performances. One night. Two girls. Two mouths. Eight limbs, twenty nimble fingers and three hundred buttons. A unique, unmissable spectacle for the whole family.
Rozálie Havelková, Anežka Hessová
Rozálie Havelková, Anežka Hessová, Kristýna Milaberská
Ondřej Havelka