About the file

Our work oscillates between unbridled street grotesque and sophisticated stage form. In both cases we build on the figure of the clown and the principle of clown play. The adventure of human life seen through the eyes of a clown is both everyday and transcendent.
- Robert Janč

About the show

Three urban nomads make a world out of what the others have thrown away. From the rubble they build memories of the past, illusions of a better tomorrow, and ephemeral backdrops of a bleak present. They interact with each other and with the audience. The clowns return to their vagabond roots and find humour only at the deepest bottom, from which it is hard to bounce back. The link between society and its outcasts in this case is gags, the ability to laugh at the same things. Building from the rubble may be something everyone will one day do. A street slapstick about the real inhabitants of places and moments that most of us pass through unnoticed. A comic-tragic play about three fellow inmates who need little to need nothing.
For audiences of all ages.