About the file

V.O.S.A. Theatre is an association of professionals who are primarily dedicated to street theatre and street art in general. We see street theatre as a specific theatre genre that has a great chance to enrich important outdoor events. V.O.S.A. Theatre has already presented itself many times in front of international audiences at the opening of events of national importance. We are honoured to have been able to collaborate with the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China, or with the Czech trade representation in London and Berlin. V.O.S.A. Theatre often participates in international theatre festivals with its performance High Dreaming. It has represented Prague at the annual celebrations in Saint-Petersburg, Riga and Ljubljana, Slovenia. It has also opened the 2011 Ice Hockey World Championships in Košice and the 2014 World Ski Championships in Harrachov. In 2014, it also performed several reprises of High Dreaming at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain.

About the show

With a good deal of slamming and vulture-ing, the personification of an ancient human invention, the real, unadulterated bicycle, comes to you.

But our bike is a giant, it is a circus bike, a fairy tale bike, light as a lover's thought, heavy as a lonely heart, no exaggeration, five metres high, half a tonne light, perfectly balanced and controlled by the gentlest touch.

The two heroes spin a tale of a summer love that began as if on a swing and eventually soared above the clouds. Do today's girls fly not only on cars, but also on bicycles? Is the bicycle the ideal means of transport for a trip for two? Are small human hands enough to spin a five-metre colossus?

You will see acrobatics, dance and pranks, heavy balancing on the edge of risk and light dance steps.

Step into the playful circle of love and let our circle take you high above the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have two extra seats and we'll let you take turns on them with the others...

Directed by Stepan Benyovszky
Cast: Nikol Šneiderová, Jonáš Janků
Music by David Pravda
Costumes: Erika Čičmanová