About the file

Blackout Paradox is an artistic ensemble founded by Michael Bartizal and Michaela Hradecká in 2017. The group focuses on street art and flow arts with elements of physical theatre, dance and acrobatics.

About the show

The fiery grotesque Recombination is about the efforts of the genius Professor XY to master the laws of nature and create better and more perfect beings than humanity itself. However, his experiment gets out of hand and becomes the undoing of him and his "children". Expect a humorous performance with plenty of fire and pyrotechnic effects, an overly enthusiastic scientist and smoldering mechanical creatures.

(Genetic) Recombination is the name given to the various changes in DNA that involve cleaving it and joining it to another strand, thereby creating new characteristics in organisms.

Design & dramaturgy by Michaela Hradecká
Directed by Anton Eliaš
Cast: Sofiya Pekaryk, Viktor Artner, Timur Aidarbekov, Marek Polášek and Anton Eliaš