Phoenix Garden

10 and 11 December 16:00 - 19:00Klementinum Student Courtyard

The Phoenix Garden Theatre Gallery is a magical place.It grows where you wouldn't expect it, blooms at night, and then soon disappearswithout a trace...On 10 and 11 December, the Phoenix Garden will light up the corners ofof the Clementine Courtyard, one of the jewels of Prague architecture.Away from the busy Charles Street, above the Mariánské Square, you will...we'll take you to a garden that comes alive before you, that speaks to you.Here you will meet flowers that listen to the sounds of the surroundings, singing, words andmusic, and then speak the language of colour. Flowers, as big as trees, on whichyou can sit and sway.Birds and night butterflies also fly into the Phoenix Garden, accompanied by dancers and acrobats.During Advent, angels also roam the garden.Wander in too. And contemplate.

The Klementinum can be reached by the entrance from Křížovnický náměstí, from KarlovaStreet or from Mariánské náměstí.

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Angel Parades

4, 10, 11 and 18 Decemberin the streets of Prague

Sunday 4.DecemberPrague 1Start at 17.00: Mariánské náměstí - Karlova Street - Charles Bridge - Old Town Square - End at 18.30 on Mariánské náměstí.Prague 7Start at 17.00: Špejchar - Letenské sady - Metronom - Letenský zámček - back to Špejchar18.00 - 18.30 Hradčanské náměstí.Saturday 10 DecemberPrague 1Start at 16.00: Mariánské náměstí - Klementinum Courtyard - Charles Bridge - Old Town Square - end at 18.00 on Mariánské náměstí.Sunday 11 DecemberPrague 1Start at 16.00 Klementinum Courtyard - Charles Bridge - Mariánské náměstí - end at 18:00 in Klementinum Courtyard.Sunday 18 DecemberPrague 1Start at 17:00: Mariánské náměstí - Karlova Square - Charles Bridge - Old Town Square - end at 18:30 on Mariánské náměstí.Prague 717.00 - 17.30 Holešovice Market Hall

Parades of angels on stilts in the streets of Prague.The theatre artists from the Long Vehicle Circus will make every Sunday afternoon of Advent more enjoyable with their unique humour and artistic poetics.The angel is not only a symbol of Christmas, but also of hope, safety and protection. That is why under his wings we will experience Advent, a season of stopping, slowing down and contemplating. We hope that our angels will make you happy again!

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