About the file

The artistic group Brothers in Trick has been one of the top performers in the field of new circus in the Czech Republic for over ten years. The members of the troupe, Václav Jelínek and Adam Jarchovský, are among the most outstanding artists in the Czech Republic. They regularly participate in all major festivals and shows of street and new circus theatre. With their artistic activities, the brothers in the trick contribute significantly to the international representation of the Czech new circus.
Website: bratrivtricku.cz

About the show

Juggling miniatures.

A unique and unrepeatable performance whose course is decided by the audience. The brothers in the trick bring props from street performances. Whether it's the Painters, the iconic Pig Circus or the summer Running Odyssey.

 Feel free to recall or fill in the missing experiences. 

Brothers Special is a carefully selected number not only from these performances and put into a hat. Draw lots!

We invite you to a never-ending well of humour - both kind and self-ironic, combined with bravura juggling.