About the file

FysioART is a professional art group. The main dramaturgy is in the genre of movement, dance and object theatre including new circus. We are exploring theatre for toddlers and investigating the principles of theatre of reminiscence, with a long-standing commitment to arts education and art therapy. FysioART is active in Prague and regions of the Czech Republic, travelling around the world.

About the show

Who owns the lost item? And whose is/who is the lost entity?
The Lost and Found Scenic Bureau. A repository for temporarily abandoned items or souls?

Inspired by the world of lost and found objects, this physical theatre with masks loses the rational view of everyday objects and finds another reality for them. A matter-of-fact minimalist sketch rooted in a universally understandable context dissolves the boundaries between humanity and materiality (eternity).

Creative team
Author Hana Strejčková
Cast: Barbora Ješutová, Hana Strejčková
Music and sound: Michal Müller
Štěpán Hejzlar, Tomáš Strejček
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague, HAMU - Embodied Mask/ Embody Truth of Mask project