About the file

Pierrick St-Pierre, also known as Mr. Banana, is a French-Canadian citizen living in Germany and currently in India. When he left home at 16, he had no idea that he would find his true home on stage. He learned the diverse art of performing in Chinese and Vietnamese circuses. In his travels around the world, he found that his art was understood by people across continents and could help to overcome interpersonal barriers regardless of age, gender or nationality. Mr. Banana is not only adept at manipulating objects and props, but he also juggles emotions and the audience.

About the show

World-famous Pierrick St-Pierre aka Mr. Banana brings his famous show to Behind the Door, and you have to come - because he can't do without you! Physical comedy, pantomime and a wide range of circus skills, this is Banana's ´Rama. A fiercely interactive street piece for one talented performer and a few brave spectators, Mr. Banana has performed in over 40 countries around the world.